Medway LLC

Medway LLC is a multinational corporation on market that was established in Georgia and has gradually expanded and refined its holding portfolio and market presence. Right now our company is presented in 8 different countries. Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

We Care About…

We care about each-other, our customers, our industry and our environment. Caring is everything. We have to care to give great customer service and to build a great place to work. We do all this with the constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that has marked Medway since its founding. 

We offer only high-end products only market leader solutions and we care about results and each patients health. We never forget in which type of business we are in and never ever will compromise on our belief to deliver great solutions to patients and ones who need our products and help.

Local distribution and limites

While we are working on several markets, we have rights from one brands to work all of our markets, while we have limited markets from other our partner/manufacturer. In case of your interest in our products please contact us or local representative to get more information about products available for your market. 

We will be always happy to support your interest in modern medical solutions and answer any question you may have.