Medway LLC

Since its foundation, Medway is looking for Emerging markets to expend its presence and deliver modern technologies and patient care on it. 

We are currently actively work Several markets


have plans to cover in next 5 years, whole former USSR region, so called “Russian Countries”.
We got great experience in last 10 years, how to push market and deliver innovations on it. Medway’s customers list consists of more than 100 leading HCPs. Our mission is to assist our customers in reaching their goals by providing them with medical solutions based on modern technologies, products, and services.

Market Figures

Totally in 8 countries, we are speaking about:   

More than 100+ million population. 
More than 5000 HCPs
More than – 20B USD medical budget and expenses.
More than 100 000 doctors 
More than 5M patient each year. 

Main issue is leak of modern medical facilities, leak of financing and government involvement to change whole sector and deliver new treatment technologies on it. 

Medway is providing not only products and technologies, but working with financial institutions, on each local market, we are ready to support each customer with leasing programs to change lives of more than 10M patient each year.