What we are doing…

Currently our company is working in different fields of medical equipments and supplies distribution. We are concentrated for certain number of directions. staying focused is helping us to develop high level of service for our customers and deliver innovations on market.

Some of Our Main Directions


The field includes medical diagnosisand treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology.

Our products include: whole range of Interventional Cardiology products (like: Stents, PTCA Balloons, GuideWires, Diagnostic Catheters and so on) Heart Valves, Oxygenators, Open Heart Surgery products and other items related to Cardiology field. 

Urology Products

Organs under the domain of urology include the kidneys, adrenal glands, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and the male reproductive organs

Our Company is working with world leader manufacturers in this field and we offer to market a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to treat kidney stones, BPH, erectile dysfunction, male stress incontinence and pelvic floor disorders

Oncology – Biopsy

For most types of cancer, a biopsy is the main way doctors diagnose it. During a biopsy, a doctor removes a small amount of tissue to examine under a microscope. Other tests can suggest that cancer is present, but only a biopsy can make a diagnosis.

Biopsy Instrument and Needle is specially designed to help you achieve one important goal: a large quality, reliable core sample.


Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) direction is include (but not limited) following items and products: Tonsil and Adenoid Wands utilizes COBLATION, sinus surgery portfolio, Epistaxis, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction and Airway Management 

Trauma/Sport Medicine

Trauma and sport medicine is mainly dedicated to help patients with traumatology, broken parts replacement and repair of some congenital disease related with skeleton structure.

Products include: Plate and screws, IM Nails, Hip Fracture, Hip and Knee repair, Shoulder repair and many more

Wound Management

Wound care management products for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, including leg, diabetic and pressure ulcers, burns and post-operative wounds.